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Welcome to Doyle Oil an Independent AMSOIL Dealer Website that brings you all of the high quality synthetic lubricants made in America by AMSOIL.

From this website you will be able place an order for any of the products you see listed and have them delivered to your home or office in just a couple of days. If you already have an AMSOIL account you can login from the AMSOIL Button to your right. If you don’t already have one you can sign up as a Preferred customer or become a Retail or Commercial account, or even become an AMSOIL Dealer just look to the right of your screen.

From this website you will also be able to order these other products using your AMSOIL account.

ALTRUM Nutritional Supplements

AGGRAND Natural Lawn & Garden Care

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The ALTRUM Story

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Established in 1985, the ALTRUM Division of AMSOIL INC. offers high quality nutritional supplements designed to maximize health and nutrition. ALTRUM provides the same excellence in health products that AMSOIL first established for lubricants in 1972.

The ALTRUM Division was founded on Al Amatuzio's unwavering belief that good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are vital to success.

Amatuzio's drive for enhanced nutritional products and insistence on all natural, high-quality ingredients remain the driving force behind the ALTRUM Division. The same principles of high product quality and performance that apply to AMSOIL products also apply to the ALTRUM line.
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Welcome to our Amsoil Independent Dealer Website & Doyle Oil Synthetics & More

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We are very pleased to bring you the finest selections of Amsoil, Aggrand and Altrum products to choose from. These carefully selected items are sure to satisfy with their excellent results.

Amsoil has been the Leader in Synthetic Motor Oil developement since 1972. Developing Long Lasting High Performance Lubricants for Industrial applications, Automotive, Motorcycles, Marine, Hydraulic equipment, the list goes on.

The Automotive Line keeps getting better. Amsoil has the Signature Series Oils which are good for 25K miles, the ARO AMO zinc enriched 10w40 & 20w50 which are good for up to 15K miles, the XL series 5w20, 5w30, 10w30, 10w40 which are good for 10K miles. Last Fall Amsoil introduced the OE Synthetic motor oil which is still a full synthetic like the XL and all the others mentioned. The OE stands for Original Equipment manufacture recommended drain interval.

Please feel free to Call Bobby at:

832-473-8810 cell
713-672-9474 work

For assistance and recommendations for your specific synthetic oil needs.

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